How this site was born

The article might be outdated! last modified at 22 Jun 2020.

The website was made using Jekyll the one of open source static sites generator, and using my own simple theme, I called klisé.

All the services are free, source code the site was placed on my github repository privately and intergration with netlify service, another service that you can use is github page and vercel for hosting your own static site.

Let’s do this

So, before we begin creating a site, you need some tools, you can self paced for how to installing each tools, on this guide i’m just want to show you how to install jekyll and deploying in netlify, but make sure you have each tools below.


Requirements before we doing magic show.


First, you need some SSG, there are many kind ssg, but in case i’m using Jekyll cause i’m already familiar with it, open your terminal and type command on below

$ bundle install jekyll # installing jekyll in your machine
$ jekyll new my-site && cd my-site # create new jekyll project
$ jekyll s # run jekyll server

Now, jekyll is running on your local machine, open your browser and go to localhost:4000 is default address from jekyll, press CTRL + C to stop the jekyll server.

Adding remote repository

Before we adding remote repository, you must have github repository, if already have repository, just add github remote address to your local folder, with the following commands

$ git init # initializing project folder
$ git remote add origin # change UPPERCASE with your own!
$ git add -A && git commit -m "Initialize" && git push -u origin master # push code to github

Now check your github repository, make sure the files is uploaded correctly.

Deploying to netlify

Go netlify dashboard, and following this step.

  1. click new site from git, then choose Github.
  2. then choose your repository where is the jekyll sources uploaded.
  3. netlify smart enough to configuring, we just need’s to click Deploy site button.

Wait for moment, and voila..! your site’s are hosting and using tld, if your website wants to look professional, just buy a domain from your favorite domain store. or if you the first time, I advice using’t sponsor) *based on my experienced it provides good service and have various TLDs.

So, what you waiting for, just create your own website for free.

updated_at 22-06-2020